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Plumb Bob Holder Junior Auto-Rewind with Plumb Bob 200g SHINWA - TF Tools Oak Framing tools


Shinwa Plumb Bob Holder Junior Auto-Rewind with Plumb Bobs


The smaller and lighter version of the Pro Plumb Bob, with the same features.

Can be attached to wood via setting pin or to metal via neodymium magnet.

Plumb line diverter for plumb line flush to surface is also included.

The crushproof plastic housing weighs 200g /400g (depending on size chosen)

The included plummet has a weight of 200g/ 400g  (depending on size chosen)

Plummets ranging between 100g-400g can be used.

Size: 87 x 82 x 27mm (dims for 200g)

Size of plummet: 121 x 32 mm  (dims for 200g)

String length - 200g 3.5m, 400g 5m

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