Plumb Thumbs - radiator caps




Radiator removal to many people can prove to be a tricky task. It is well known that many of us at some point have experienced dropping water or sludge from a radiator during the removal process onto our floor coverings leaving the expense of a cleaning bill or worse still having to replace the flooring altogether.

The Plumb Thumbs (Radiator Capping Tools) are a new patented tool, which are a mechanical replacement for having to use fingers/thumbs over the radiator connections when carrying out radiator removal.

The new improved double ended tools feature ½” and ¾” threads to allow for the removal of radiators or towel rails easily and quickly without the hassle of having to drain your system or radiator.

The radiator or towel rail can be removed still containing water, as a fully sealed unit removing the risk of spilling or trailing dirty water on to floor coverings.

Pair of Plumb Thumb 2

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