Refill leads Hultafors Dry pencil


Colour: Blue/Green/White


Smart container with 10 pins for marking on all types of surfaces. Hultafors Refill can be attached with a clip in the pocket or tool bag. The design of the container protects the pins during transport and only ejects one pin at a time.

The refill is available in two combinations;

10 pins in durable graphite or

4 graphite pins and 6 pieces in chalk, 3 red and 3 yellow.

Refill fits the Hultafors Dry-Marker.

  • Refill with 10 pins for Dry-Marker
  • The container protects the pins during transport
  • Ejects one pin at a time
  • Clips for easy storage in pocket or bag
  • Two variants; graphite or graphite and chalk

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