Rock countersunk-head, galvanised steel; TX40 7.5mm


Size: 7.5 x 40mm


Sold in boxes of 100

The practical alternative to traditional plugs

The rock concrete screw is a special screw for anchoring in concrete and is subject to an application submitted for a European technical assessment for anchorages in crack and non-cracked concrete.

The rock concrete screw is screwed directly into the drill hole without a plug or other additional components.

As it is screwed in, the thread cuts a mating thread into the subsurface.

This type of installation is not only very easy, but also impresses with its minimum assembly time and maximum cost savings.

The high-strength screw steel, an extremely complex annealing process, and a special thread ensure that the rock concrete screw also works reliably in class C50/60 high-strength concrete.

Advantages and properties

Installation without plugs • High extraction-resistance values

• No expansion effect, so smaller edge and centre  distances are possible

• Broad range of applications thanks to a variety of screw heads and screw diameters

• An economical fastener → Time savings during installation   → Cost savings in materials • Time-saving and straightforward installation → Setting and installation process performed in a      single step

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