Shinwa Profile Gauges

Size: Small 150 mm


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Insane fun

This is a tool I only really needed intially for one particular job, and it was perfect, flawless. Since then I'm just looking for excuses to use it on anything, even if I don't really need to. It's great for making carvings symmetrical for instance. And with my 5 year old son it is just so much fun finding things to take impressions from... Worth the price just for that!

Paddy Redman
Quality Profile Gauge

I don't use the gauge very often, but when I do its a pleasure to use. Very accurate and sturdy for square profiles or radius cuts. Definitely versatile as my kids have more fun playing with it profiling their hands and faces than I get to use it at work.

Shinwa profile

Great tool

Daryl lusty
Shinwa profile gauge

My order a small Shinwa profile gauge, the reviews didn’t lie what a perfect piece of kit
Ive used ones half the price and they’re dreadful ive used ones double the price and they’re just as bad they are all either to cheap and loose or the pins are immovable with gimmicky adjusters that never work ,this Shinwa gauge is perfectly balanced and nicely priced for the quality and i only ordered it on tues good stuff

Eddie Bishop
A Profile Gauge That Works

I purchased the 150mm Shinwa Profile Gauge to replace an ageing previous tool. Quite simply this gauge does exactly what it is supposed to do. The stainless steel pins are quite fine, being 0.8mm diameter and all the pins slide with equal pressure from one end of the gauge to the other. There are no tight spots and firm pressure against a workpiece produces an accurate and reliable profile for copying. I have used this to replicate profiles on period mouldings that require a good degree of accuracy and quite simply it does an excellent job.
Many other manufacturer`s profile gauge reviews have issues with the pins being too tight, particularly at the ends - this product has no such problems. It is fit for purpose. Highly recommended.

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