Silky Gomtaro Hand saw

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Size: 210mm 8tpi
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The Silky Gomtaro range offers a traditional straight bladed pruning saw.

It is one of the most popular and longest standing Silky saws and is widely used by professionals and serious amateurs alike for the general pruning of medium to large size branches.

Gomtaro is available in 5 different blade lengths (210mm, 240mm, 270mm, 300mm, and 330mm). Gomtaro saws have a teeth configuration of 8 teeth per 30mm for a smooth finish when cutting dryer and/or harder wood.

The saws come with a comfortable rubber handle and a custom made, durable black polypropylene holster which can be attached to a belt or leg strap.

The saws are designed to have replaceable blades to help save money and all other parts are also available.

The Gomtaro range includes the Gomtaro Pro-Sentei saws which offer 2 different teeth sizes on the same blade and the Gomtaro Root Saw. The Gomtaro Fine and Gomtaro 2Dangiri are also available.

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Saw Code No. Blade Length (mm) Teeth per 30mm Weight (g)
102-21 210 8 355
102-24 240 8 370
102-27 270 8 385
102-30 300 8 395
102-33 330 8 410

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