TF Tools Starter Kit

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This is our starter kit for someone new to oak framing. This is list of tools that will cover the basics and get you started with some good quality kit.

Hultafors SMV 20 Bevel Square 200mm (8in)
18" 3/4 WoodOwl Ultra Smoth Auger Bit
TF Tools 3/4" offset pricker
Empire 7" Heavy Duty Magnum Rafter Square
TF Tools Framing T square
SHINWA Ink Line Marker Pro Black/Blue, Auto-rewinding and Thin String 
SHINWA Ink for Line Marker x 1 Black
No3 copper and hide Thor
No 5 Hide Thor
FatMax Pro Box Beam Spirit Level 3 Vial 90cm
40mm MHG Carpenter's  Powerhandle Chisel hornbeam - polished blade
Carpenter's Pencils Tube of 10 + VersaSharp™ Sharpener
Silky Gomboy Folding saw 240mm 10TPI

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