Stiletto 15" Stainless steel Flatbar





NEW! 15" Stainless Steel Flatbar design is incredibly strong and tough, and has a Patented 180 degree nail puller in the "arch". For heavy prying and stripping, and for fast & easy staple removal.


  • 28 Oz solid Stainless Steel prybar with super strong arch design
  • Pat. Pending Staple Puller mid-bar pulls 9/16" staples easily without nicking edges of expensive flooring
  • Built-in bottle opener under arch
  • Three separate Pat. Pending "multi-fulcrum" nail pullers - design increases leverage
  • "Bridged" bar design doesn't spread open under load & abruptly release dangerous spring steel energy

Warranty for this is handled by the US Stiletto warranty - please read more info here prior to purchase. Stiletto Europe do not supply this item, the only way for us to obtain these items is direct from the US and as a result the warranty is handled direct with them.


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