TF Tools Stickers


Sheet: Sheet 2


TF Tools Sticker sheet designed & printed locally :

TF Tools logo Sheet 1;

  • Heavy Hitter
  • Sawing Beams, Building Dreams 
  • Raising the Roof 
  • This is not a Drill 
  • Measure measure, cut, swear, repeat 

TF Tools logo Sheet 2

  • #Likeaboss
  • Tool Junkie
  • On Point
  • Live by the Saw, Die by the Saw
  • Framing Gold
  • Proper Job

TF Tools logo Sheet 3

  • Wood whisperer
  • Carpenter
  • #NoMate
  • #YesMate
  • Stormtrooper Pew Pew
  • #DiamondBackDan

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