The Encyclopedia of Woodworking Techniques by Jeremy Broun

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A new, up-to-date edition of the popular and comprehensive encyclopedia by award-winning furniture designer, Jeremy Broun. 

This unique visual encyclopedia of woodworking techniques is the essential benchtop reference for all woodworkers. Divided into two parts, the first section introduces you to the tools, timbers and techniques that are used in basic woodworking.

These are fully demonstrated and described through helpful step-by-step photographs and text, from drawing and marking out; through chiselling, drilling and routing; joint making, bending, shaping and turning; to abrading, scraping and finishing. Power-tool, machine-tool and hand-tool variations are fully detailed, providing you with that much-needed flexibility in your own workshop.

Finally, a theme section provides a gallery of finished examples by leading designers of cabinets, chests, chairs, benches, tables, desks and decorative woodwork, demonstrating the principles of design and construction and inspiring both novice woodworkers as well as the more experienced craftsperson to design and create their own items from wood.

Table of Contents

Introduction 6

Health and safety 8

Tools and Techniques 10

  • Woods 12
  • Man-Made Boards 16
  • Veneers and Inlays 17
  • Hand Tools 18
  • Power Tools 24
  • Machine Tools 28
  • Benches 31
  • Tool Maintenance 32
  • Drawing 36
  • Measuring and Marking Out 38
  • Clamping and Holding 42
  • Sawing 44
  • Planing 48
  • Squaring Wood 54
  • Chiseling 56
  • Drilling 58
  • Routing 60
  • Jigs and Jig Making 63
  • Gluing 66
  • Jointing Principles 70
  • Butt and Lap Joints 74
  • Mitre Joints 76
  • Edge Joints 78
  • Dowel Joints 80
  • Biscuit Joints 82
  • Halving Joints 84
  • Housing Joints 86
  • Mortise and Tenon Joints 90
  • Dovetail Joints 94
  • Bending Wood 98
  • Shaping Wood 101
  • Turning Wood 104
  • Fretwork 108
  • Veneering 110
  • Edge Treatments 114
  • Hinges and Locks 116
  • Abrading 122
  • Scraping 125
  • Finishing 126

Themes 130

  • Cabinets and Chests 132
  • Chairs and Benches 142
  • Tables and Desks 152
  • Decorative Woodwork 162

Index 172
Credits 176

About Jeremy Broun

Jeremy Broun is an innovative designer, maker and teacher, and has been passionate about woodworking for over 35 years. After a short woodwork teaching career, Jeremy set up his own workshop in Bath, in the West of England in 1973, creating his own unique style of furniture. He has exhibited at major British shows and in the USA and Finland, and has won numerous awards. He is constantly striving to find new and exciting ways to work wood, and passes this knowledge and enthusiasm on through his unique courses, books and videos, suitable for both hobbyists and professionals.

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