The Timber-frame Home: Design, Construction and Finishing by Tedd Benson




Expert information for professional builders and homeowners on every aspect of timber-framed house construction.

This revised edition contains updated technical data and building details and also features advice on dealing with designers, sub-contractors and budgets.

From the Back Cover

Two decades ago, Tedd Benson helped kindle the dramatic rebirth of timer framing in this country.

Today Benson and others are combining centuries-old timber-framing techniques with modern building materials to create houses that are as beautiful as they are durable and comfortable.

In this book, Benson traces the history of the timber frame and tells how to create a new house in the tradition of old-world craftsmen. This new edition brings the latest advances in timber framing to life with hundreds of full-color photos and rendered drawings - all the information you need to join the timber-frame revival.

About the Author

Tedd Benson is the founder and owner of a post-and-beam construction firm in New Hampshire, USA.

A builder for ten years, he has specialized in timber framing for six.

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