Ultimate Roofing Square




The Ultimate Roofing Square makes building a pitched roof effortless and quick. British designed.

Designed by time served carpenters and refined over years of real world usage this is the only tool you will ever need to quickly and accurately pitch a roof.

By incorporating 4 tools into a single tool the Ultimate Roofing Square by Essential Carpenter Tools provides everything you need to make pitching a roof easy and error free. Using the Ultimate Roofing Square to pitch a timber roof gives confidence that the job will be completed quickly, correctly and without costly errors.

With the clear and simple information supplied with the tool even self builders are able to pitch their own roofs.

The new upgraded Ultimate Roofing Square guide :

To pitch the main roof simply select the required pitch, then rotate the pivot arm so that the roof pitch arrow is in line with the required pitch & lock it off, it’s now set for the pitch.

To set the birdsmouth, slide the long arm to the required depth. This should not exceed 1/3 of the rafter depth.

To set the hip plumb cut, move the pivot arm to the same pitch as the main roof on the outside arc, line up the hip arrow to this degree, now it is set.

Example – If the main roof is 30°, select 30° on the outside arc, line the hip arrow up to this and it’s set. The height above plate will need adjusting accordingly.

The hip plumb cut will be shallower than the main roof.

Please check out my video on You tube – Skill Builder to see how I construct a roof with the Ultimate Roofing Square.

​Check out the YouTube video and see how the Ultimate Roofing Square makes pitching a roof accurately an effortless task​

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