Veritas Mk.II Honing System


Options: Veritas MkII Honing System


Increased range, capacity and accuracy
Integral blade registration squares the blade and sets the bevel angle in one easy step
Three bevel-angle range configurations
Designed to accept flat and tapered blades, as well as blades with irregular geometry
Three-position eccentric roller allows a micro-bevel to be honed quickly and accurately
50mm wide roller is stable for even the narrowest of blades
Accommodates chisels as narrow as 6mm, and blades as wide as 72mm and up to 13mm thick
Works with short blades such as spokeshave blades
Manufactured from die-cast zinc alloy, with precision-machined brass and steel parts
(sharpening stone & blade not included)
Veritas MkII Honing System

Some Veritas products are made to order and the lead time can be up to 3-4 weeks. This is because they are so specialised and are a small company. If you need them sooner get in touch with us find out specific lead times for this product. Some items maybe held in stock and available sooner.

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