VERITAS Plumb Bob and Case




Whether you need it for plumbing a set-up in your drill press, for base alignment work, or just to park on your desk to play with, a finely made plumb bob is a tool that can be enjoyed in many ways.

This Veritas Plumb Bob is not only beautiful but very functional; the bob fits into a case that is a tip protector and a cord spool; the case also holds a special collet so that the bob can readily be used for drill-press alignment work.

The bob is 50 mm (2 in.) long and is held in the 25 mm (1 in.) diameter case.

Compact, functional, and well designed.

Solid brass.

Cord and drawstring bag included.

Weight 150 g

Made in Canada

Currently in stock.

Some Veritas products are made to order and the lead time can be up to 3-4 weeks. This is because they are so specialised and are a small company. If you need them sooner get in touch with us find out specific lead times for this product. Some items maybe held in stock and available sooner.

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