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Veritas Rule Stop


Veritas Rule Stop


For setting saw fences, repeat cuts etc
Slide the stop over the rule end and tighten
Will not mar the rule's edge
Knurled tip of brass adjustment screw
Securely clamps even the thinnest rules
Repositioning is fast and easy
Anodized & contoured aluminium body
Suits rules from 22mm(7/8") to 28.5mm(1.1/8") wide
Up to 1.25mm(0.05") thick
Made in Canada

Some Veritas products are made to order and the lead time can be up to 3-4 weeks. This is because they are so specialised and are a small company. If you need them sooner get in touch with us find out specific lead times for this product. Some items maybe held in stock and available sooner.

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