WoodOwl Ultra Smooth Wood Boring Auger Bit 7-1/2" Length

Size: 3/8" (9.5mm)


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Paddy Redman
Struggling Is A Thing Of The Past

I have to admit, I was a bit dubious about the hype these auger bits have but I needed to replace some old auger bits so I bought six of the common sizes. First use and that wa sit, sold straight away. What a pleasure to use... borderline orgasmic. Super smooth, a lot faster over conventional auger bits, minimal to no tear out and they look fantastic.

The best

Wood Owl are the lightest and fastest auger bits i have ever used and a really clean hole. The best!!

Anthony Williams
Wood owl bits

Have to say these have to be the best augers I’ve used no question still got a set of sandviks and marples augers bit these are by far better lovely clean holes in anything I’ve put it up against highly recommend

Adam Lynch

Have several sizes of these augers now well worth the money.

I've always used green marples bits but these blow the marples out the water the cut fast and accurate the clear the chip and don't clog the just pull through start to finish with no trouble. In all timbers both soft and hard, green or kiln dried the just keep working.

An asset in any carpenters tool kit.

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