Asahi 5 Piece Japanese DK-5 Chisel Set In Roll




This 5 piece set of Japanese DK-5 Nomi chisel is the ideal starter set for anybody looking for their first set of Japanese Nomi. The set consist of 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24mm DK-5 chisels presented in a genuine Japanese canvas chisel roll.
For those who desire the balance and functionality of a Japanese chisel without the price tag of their premium laminated cousins we have sourced these great value DK5 high carbon tool steel laminated chisels.
DK5 is a high grade Japanese tool steel often used in the manufacture of quality knife blades, it offers easy sharpening with a good edge holding property at an exceptionally low price.
The handles are from quality Japanese white oak and feature an iron back hoop to prevent splitting.


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