Meet the Brand... MHG - TF Tools Ltd

Who are they?

We have stocked MHG since 2017 having used them on site ourselves on oak framing projects. Made in Germany.

We were blown away by the standard of craftsmanship in the manufacture of their chisels. From the quality of the forging and hardening of the chisel blades to the grading of the wood for the handles.

MHG uses high-grade steel, hardened to a Rockwell hardness of 61, meaning they will retain their keen edge for a very long time.

What are the products?

We stock some of the most essential chisels in their range;

Premium chisels 12mm-38mm

Socket chisels 16mm-40mm

Timber tools 1"-2" (individual)

MHG Timber tools box set

Browse the whole range

Want to keep your chisels on-point? Check out the Gsharp Sharp Edge Precision Tool sharpening kit

Watch more

We have a series of videos where TF Scott talks through the MHG chisels watch here;

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